We are pleased to announce that the first edition of the Heritage Experience Design Scientific School will finally take place on September 8/17.

HExD is a project by the Animazionedesign research laboratory of the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sassari, made possible by the 'Scientific School' funding program promoted by Sardegna Ricerche.

The HExD Scientific School aims at offering an educational opportunity in the smart enhancement of cultural tangible and intangible heritage.

While focusing on the territory of Sardinia, the school confronts with a broad scenario, in which different skills - strategic vision, aptitude for innovation, skills in storytelling, representing and presenting the territories - contribute to the development of flexible answers to the emerging forms of attentive and smart tourism.

Originally planned to take place in September 2020l the School had to be indefinitely postponed due to the fight against Covid 19. We are ready now to start over.

The first edition of Heritage Experience Design Scientific School will finally take place in Porto Conte Ricerche and in the Alghero complex of S. Chiara, from 8 to 17 september 2022.



workshops and events

The workshop program, still under definition due to the current crisis, includes activities in the fields of generative identity design, exhibit design, visual communication, illustration, animation and strategic design.

The School’s activities will be structured in two main phases:

  • a first cycle of general orientation activities, designed to provide a framework on heritage valorization, associates ex-cathedra communications with presentations by experts and local actors.
  • this will be followed by a second phase, in which for a full week students will be working on hands-on projects in a series of parallel design workshops.

Punctuated by a series of meetings and events with national and international guests (teaching will take place in Italian and English), also open to the general public. The program will end with a plenary presentation of the design workshop’s outcome.


The educational approach

in collaboration with local actors

The educational approach underlying HExD is characterized by a close connection with real world case-studies, developed in collaboration with local actors who will bring to the project a first-hand contribution as privileged observers and of bearers of innovative experiences and instances.

The School’s characterizing key trait is its disciplinary openness. The School aims at offering an educational and training opportunity to a plurality of figures: designers, architects, communication scientists, experts in the field of tourism.

It is indeed by promoting a dialogue and collaboration within heterogeneous design-oriented working teams that we wish, with our HExD Scientific School, to create an innovative learning environment. A learning space updated with the current emerging demands of heritage promotion and intelligent tourism.

a regional natural park for research


Porto Conte Ricerche - S. Chiara complex

The School's activities will take place in the two venues of Porto Conte Ricerche, where the opening days of the project will take place, and of the S. Chiara complex in Alghero, where both the workshops and the evining event will be hosted.

Tramariglio (Alghero) Porto Conte Ricerche Research hub is part of the technological and research system of Sardinia. Located within the Porto Conte regional natural park and overlooking the bay of Tramariglio, the center aims at promoting the synergy between research, innovation and training by combining a conference area with spaces, laboratories, technological platforms.

Hosted in the ancient S. Chiara convent and Hospital, in the very heart of Alghero's old town, the S. Chiara complex is one of the main buildings in which the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sassari takes place.

Sardegna Ricerche

HExD is financed by Sardegna Ricerche's Scientific School program.

Scientific partners:

Academy of Fine Art in Krakow | Isec Lisboa | University of Dundee | Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia | Departamento de Diseño, FAU Universidad de Chile | FAUUSP - Universidade de São Paulo